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At First Quality Services we offer you truly the best quality service, in whatever service line you chose.  Quality and Outcomes are what we are dedicated to, and we ask that our clients also are fully dedicated to this as well.  Together that will provide us with unprecedented results.  Our main consultant and owner is known for her wisdom, experience, gentle but firm style , intuitive approach, and non judgmental style that quickly places everyone at ease.

As a leadership  and life coach, the value I see in this line of work  is tremendous. I find such joy in coaching. Helping other people in leadership positions around the country, be better than they were is pretty incredible. It’s really powerful when the person you have been working with on a specific skill or behavior masters it and achieves success. Great leaders who are known for their strength in coaching and are cited as such. Coaching is who they are not something they do. This is transmitted to the person being coached in many ways. If you ask a person who has had a successful coaching relationship what makes it great, they will tell you the coach actually cared. They would say that the coach was clear, persistent, committed, and often passionate and gave them a different perspective. They will also tell you that coach required them to work equally as hard and held them accountable.  That is what I strive to do in every coaching relationship, because I do care, I work to provide insight, ask tough questions, hold my clients accountable to do their work, and offer up a different perspective as we walk down the path they want my assistance on.
Meg Johnson - Leadership & Career Coaching

Ways to Work With Me

Coaching Line of Business

We provide you with an experiences, empathetic, intuitive coach who will be dedicated to helping you to explore your goals, research More… 


Providing your business/community group with a large group of educational and developmental options to further develop your team and More… 

Leadership Consulting

We also do a limited amount of Leadership or Healthcare Consulting. We will come in and conduct a full team assessment to provide insight and More… 

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