What We Do

Our Coaching Line of Business…

Provides you with an experiences, empathetic, intuitive coach who will be dedicated to helping you to explore your goals, research your options, fully investigate what direction you want to go, clarify those goals and develop clear, understandable action plans, and will gently hold you accountable to carrying out those plans to support you to get where you really want to be.  This applies whether you are focusing on your career, retirement, advancement into leadership, career changes, or personal development.

Our Leadership line of Coaching has a more intensive focus with additional assessments, additional assignments, and at times work place assessments.  This line has specific designs based on the needs and goals of the Leader.  It also has adjustments based on whether this is a referral from the organization or sought out by the leader.

Our Seminars/Workshops Line of Business…

Provides your business/community group with a large group of educational and developmental options to further develop your team and empower them with new knowledge, skills, relationships, that will support them to take on the new challenges facing all of us in this rapidly changing environment.  We are committed to meeting your unique group’s needs.  So we are also willing to customize our education and experiential workshops to your needs. We have done 2 and 4 hour workshops, all day workshops, and multi day retreats.    We also will develop special educational experiences as well in areas of our expertise.  Contact us to discuss.

Leadership and Healthcare Consulting…

We also do a limited amount of Leadership or Healthcare Consulting.  We will come in and conduct a full team assessment to provide insight and guidance regarding the challenges and strengths that a team or organization is facing.  We also can incorporate some of these assessments as a part of a Leadership Coaching contract, if the leader is struggling, it can be helpful to conduct an assessment of the work environment to get a complete picture and provide the best feedback and learning opportunities for the leader and assess what is needed to move the group to a path to success.

The goal of each healthcare organizational consulting project is to provide practical recommendations and solutions toincrease our clients’ overall performance in both finance and quality. To meet this goal, we focus on a number of key concepts:

  • Patient access
  • Quality of care
  • Efficient delivery of service
  • Communications
  • Cost-effective patient care
  • Employee/Physician/Patient relationships
  • Leadership and Decision making structure
  • Revenue expansion
  • Patient safety

Mindful observance of these notions and how they relate to healthcare management consulting allows us to facilitate improvement and growth for our clients.

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