Presentations and Seminars


Performance Management – Customized for various levels of leadership – learning how to set the expectations high, communicate them well, measure them efficiently, and to support your staff to achieve the best and keep morale high

img_2245Career and Leadership Coaching – Learn what you need in a coach and the basic steps of coaching and how you can participate and get the most out of a coaching experience

Loiter – A workshop for leaders assuming leadership of a new area to avoid common pitfalls and be set up for success

Mentoring – The Basics – Learn the skills and tips to chose the right mentor and develop your skills to mentor others

The 4 Levels of Leadership Development – Based on John Maxwell’s Theory of Leadership Development, gain a full understanding of how each of us develop as leaders and the developmental tasks and skills that come with each of these.  Very powerful insight

Communication Skills  – Customized for a variety of audiences

Building a Winning Leadership Team – How to select, inspire and mentor a top notch team to lead your organization

Listening – Are you? – Listening and not only to words is one of the most powerful tools anyone can possess, but one we are least likely to full tap into.  Learn how to maximize this technique

Relationship Management  – A variety of topics related – customer development, staff relationships, productivity, leadership development that will take you to the top of any team

img_2246Stress Management – With our faced paced multi tasking world – being able to have a large tool belt to manage the stress all this brings on is critical in order to be fully present and maximize the time you do spend working and working with staff or clients

Mindfulness for the Leader – An overview and starter course to introduce you to one of the most powerful skill set in increasing your effectiveness in any career and also improving your relationships and your overall life balance

Change Management – In this time of Mergers, Affiliations, Acquisitions, Big Leadership Changes, and general rapid change to stay up with all the demands of the market – having a solid pre-planned change management plan is essential to avoid a disaster and maximize the success of each change.  Three segments of the seminar – All critical to your success.  Follow up with your team suggested

  • Preparing for Change – your organization and you
  • Transition Management – After the Announcement – through the Neutral Zone
  • New Beginnings – Are you and your staff ready – managing the move from the Neutral Zone to New Beginnings

Motivational Interviewing – The best methodology to assist individuals to identify change that will improve their health, careers,or quality of life and identify abilities and skills that will help them to attain those goals and changes.  Very powerful skill for those working in healthcare

Health Coaching – All day workshop for health care providers to learn how to health coach

Mental Health Issues and the Impact on the Work Environment

* Additional leadership topics and consulting services available upon request


2 hour, 4 hour, 8 hour, and multi day retreat or consultation packages available. 

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