Summer is the time to renew our energy and refuel our tanks.  This does not just apply to our physical body and our spirits but also to our minds.  It’s time to plan for our learning and professional growth as well.  What better time to plan than now during our Sizzling Summer Special?

During our Special – here is the outstanding deal !

Book one seminar or workshop in the next 6 months and save 10%

Book two seminars or workshops in the next 9 months and save 25%

Book one seminar or workshop and refer another customer who also books in the next 9 months and get 25% savings and the referral gets the 10% savings if they book in the next 9 months.

So everyone wins !!!

I can’t wait to hear from you !  Check out te seminar and workshop page and see everything we have to offer !  Enjoy your summer and make sure to visit the contact me page and send your requests before you leave!